Mr. Charles D. Herold is The President of Enterprise Financial Advisors, Inc.. (EFA) and is the Principal owner of the firm.  EFA is the successor to his start up firm, Enterprise Financial Services, Inc., which was started in April of 1993.

Mr. Herold’s professional background is highlighted by his eighteen years in commercial/corporate banking from 1975 till 1993.  During his tenure as a commercial/corporate banker, Mr. Herold held the positions during the last 12 years of his banking career of the SVP/Department manager for Corporate Banking for C&S Bank in Florida, West Coast Division (prior to its merger into BOA), and then went on to serve as the Senior Lender – SVP/Commercial Division Manager at South Trust Bank, (prior to its merger into Wachovia, which is now part of Wells Fargo Bank), with the responsibility for a loan portfolio exceeding $870 million.

He then finished his banking career as the President of the Bank of St. Petersburg.  In 1993, after 18 years in banking, he chose to pursue a career as an corporate financial consultant for closely  held companies in the Tampa Bay Area, in order to better assist this market segment that he had banked for so many years.

From 1993 – 2000, Mr. Herold specialized in corporate financial consulting to the privately held business sector through his firm Enterprise Financial Services, Inc. (EFS), which concentrated on Banking and Finance products and services, general corporate finance consulting, debt placement services and Business Brokering.  In 2000 EFS was merged into a new entity formed with two partners from the securities industry to form the Enterprise Financial Group, LLC (EFG).  This was done in order to expand the services to his clients to include private equity placements and a higher level of Investment Banking services through the use of affiliate firms and direct funding through a network of small broker dealers with their accredited private investors.  After 9.11.01, the partners split up and this entity was eventually dissolved and the reason for the newly formed entity, Enterprise Financial Advisors, Inc (EFA).  With this company, Mr. Herold has gone back to providing general corporate financial consulting services, debt placements, general bank product advisory services and Commercial Real Estate and Business Brokering services as first provided by the principal when he originally started his consulting firm in 1993. 


Mr. Herold has extensive experience in all areas of corporate and commercial financing, commercial real estate debt placements, commercial/corporate banking services, commercial real estate sales/leasing, business brokering, Merger and Acquisition advisory, and turnaround management.  Mr. Herold has numerous certifications in commercial/corporate lending, cash management, cash flow analysis, financial modeling, and forecasting.  He is a licensed real estate broker and a licensed Business Broker.  

He has received extensive business and real estate brokering training during short periods of associated/employment with Murphy Business Services, Prudential and Coldwell Banker commercial real estate companies, while continuing with his corporate financial consulting company.  He acquired his Real Estate Broker’s License in 2013 after 20 years as a licensed real estate agent, and has licensed both of his companies with the state of Florida as licensed real estate companies, one for business brokering (EFA) and the other for commercial and residential brokering (HRE).

Mr. Herold received his BS in finance from Florida Atlantic University, with post graduate work at FSU.

Mr. Herold has served as interim CFO for several clients until such time as they can become properly capitalized and have been able to secure quality management personnel in the accounting and finance area.