The Company

Enterprise Financial Advisors, Inc., serves as a Corporate Financial Consulting Company, that provides financial Advisory and Support Services, to the emerging and lower middle market sectors of the corporate marketplace.

What makes the Enterprise Financial Advisors, Inc. (EFA) unique is the nearly 40years of experience that the principal has had over his career within commercial/corporate banking (18 yrs), small business financial consulting (20+ years), and working within local firms that specialized in business brokering, investment banking and commercial real estate. During these nearly 40 years in this market, he has been able to accumulate many long term relationships with a multitude of professionals of diversified talent that it has access to on behalf of its clients. 

The principal and related parties have worked both in the institutional marketplace as highly successful corporate banking executives and in the private market place as successful independent entrepreneurs.  By bringing together highly talented professionals from the banking, accounting, commercial real estate, equity and private investment markets; EFA can provide its clients with a full range of general commercial/corporate financial advice, intermediary services specializing in providing access to a multitude of  funding alternatives, long term financial planning/exit strategies as well as the services of a full service commercial real estate company when it is time for its clients to buy/sell/lease commercial property or buy/sell a business .

EFA services include debt placement – both corporate and commercial real estate, corporate finance restructuring, turnaround management consulting, cash management/banking services consultation, creditor/vendor relations support, general management support in the area of accounting/finance, and a full slate of commercial real estate services including business broker services.  The firm operates primarily in Florida (corp. hdqtrs.) and has on occasion worked out of state. 

EFA has an active list of Legal, Securities and Accounting/CPA firms and specialized persons, which it will consult with or bring into a client relationship where required or asked to do so.  Legal, Tax and Accounting advice are critical areas that contribute to the overall success of any business enterprise and EFA requires that their clients have this critical representation and advice in order to better serve its clients.  This three party “advisory board – legal/accounting/finance” serves as the advisory platform for business clients to be better able to build their business enterprise over time.   EFA does not give legal, accounting or tax advice.  See the meaning attached to the LOGO of EFA in the Power Point presentation that is part of this web page.

The firm normally will engage to serve no more than three active clients at a time in order to be able to serve them on a day to day basis where needed.  When appropriate, the firm will bring in the personal services of “affiliated relationships” and/or other professional resources to better serve its clients.


Corporate Advisory Services/Consulting – Our collective experience includes many years of service with commercial and investment banks, private equity funds, asset based lending, institutional mezzanine lending, management consulting and turnarounds.  We strive to serve as a financial advisor and funding/conduit for emerging and lower middle market companies, which historically have had a lack of access to many traditional funding markets.  Provide input on strategic business issues including capital formation planning, strategic planning, corporate financial restructuring, and planning with the ownership group for a three to five year exit strategy, however appropriate.

Debt PlacementEFA provides access to a broad range of commercial banking, commercial finance and mezzanine lenders.  This is especially helpful to a company whose bank borrowings have surpassed its bank’s comfort zone yet the firm still has sufficient cash flow to service more debt or assets in which to borrow against to support their growth.

Business Brokering (Buy or Sell) – EFA is a registered real estate company with the state of Florida, and this allows EFA to operate as a business broker, one of a very few firms in the area that has the ability to combine business brokering services with top tier corporate financial consulting which also includes M&A advisory services if this is warranted.  EFA is able to bring the full compliment of services of commercial real estate and business brokering to their clients.   EFA, due to its extensive knowledge and working relationships with a multitude of funding sources, is able to provides debt placement/advisory services to the buyers of  businesses and real estate.

As a member of several business broker organizations and listing services, the principal has access to many associates and business brokers in a multitude of offices throughout Florida and the USA.  In addition we can access any listing nationwide through our network of business broker contacts. Nearly all listings are pre-qualified with funding sources. Business valuations services are offered in-house or through an independent third party valuation.  Custom marketing programs and broker networks are utilized to promote the sale of your business or find qualified buyers.  We specialize in representing the buyer, where we are able to assist in the due diligence effort to determine the value of the business being acquired, and determining the structure for its acquisition, as well as assisting to securing the acquisition financing for the buyer.

Equity Placement Advisory only on non-public-type private equity offerings using the services of investment banking houses and “affiliated relationships” see listing on separate page.  

Mergers & Acquisitions – consisting of the representation of sellers and acquirers of small and middle market businesses, including both corporate finance clients of EFA and clients that engage EFA solely for an M&A assignment.  Transactions values will range from $2 million for an add-on acquisition to $50 million in size.


Commercial Real Estate Brokering and Financing – The principal as a license real estate broker has set up a local firm (Herco Realty, LLC)  to provide Commercial and Residential real estate services.  It is a licensed real estate company and has memberships in all of the local real estate associations to include FGCAR, CCIM, the local MLS and has considerable experience in the Industrial/Manufacturing/Office commercial real estate markets in West Florida.  The company is headquartered and operated locally.  EFA clients through the principal Mr. Herold and his real estate company, Herco Realty, LLC , has access to their entire network of commercial and residential real estate services and connections that will be brought to benefit  the clients of EFA.


Enterprise Financial Advisors, IncThe economic objective of EFA is to provide a profit for its owners with an above average return on the invested capital and time through a combination of consulting and success fees and long term capital gains through equity ownership positions acquired during the course of business.  We strive to provide a more complete continuum of corporate finance/accounting advisory services, commercial/corporate bank consulting service, a complete menu of commercial real estate brokering services, business broker services and mergers and acquisition advisory services with a high level of integrity and professionalism. This allows our clients the best opportunities to meet their growth objectives with the assistance of our seasoned professionals and affiliated relationships.  In most cases during the course of an engagement, it will involve advising on a long term plan for an exit strategy of either a direct sale of the business or merger into a larger company, or if applicable to be prepared for an initial public offering within three to five years.


The Private Placement support services of EFA are provided through the resources of local firms in the Tampa Bay areas that specialize in this space. 

We work with an assortment of experienced local Law and CPA firms specializing in business/corporate/real estate client services.