Commercial and Residential Real Estate Sales and Leasing

In Florida especially, real estate is often involved with each business.  Many times it can be a major component of the company’s balance sheet if the property is owned or significant leasehold improvements are made, and the P&L as to the overhead attributed to the facility housing the business operation.

The principal has 22 years experience in the real estate sales and leasing industry as well as over 40 years in the financing of most every type of commercial real estate mortgage financing there is from simple acquisition first mortgage funding to complicated Industrial Revenue Bond financing through a local municipality.

With his experience in commercial/industrial/manufacturing as well as with developer acquisition and development lending, Mr. Herold can apply that knowledge/experience to the commercial real estate market place.  As such he is uniquely qualified and experienced to represent buyers/sellers – landlords/tenants in the sales and leasing market place as well as to assist buyers/tenants secure their funding support to be able to close on the transaction.

His many years in the banking (18) along with his (22) years in the corporate finance consulting practice which coincides with his securing of his real estate license in 1993 and then his brokers license in 2013, has allowed him to develop a significant presence and contacts in this local marketplace, where he has resided since 1955 except for his years in college.

By setting up his own licensed real estate firm (Herco Realty, LLC),  he has the ability to leverage off of the considerable resources of persons and products to fit or meet the needs of his clients in any type of product/service or marketplace. 

If you are looking for a place to list your property for sale or lease, or need to acquire or lease a commercial property, please contact Mr. Herold below.  Or if you need financing on any type of real estate project again contact Mr. Herold and he will provide you a quick and professional assessment of your needs and his ability to meet those needs. 


Contact Charles D. Herold

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